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Changing of oil is one of the ways to upkeep the smooth running of your engine, it helps remove engine dirt particles that harms your vehicle. The new oil allows your engine to be clean, safer and runs smoother.

Tip: When to change oil? It depends on what kind of vehicle, how often you drive and what standardized kilometer-based intervals does your car manufacturer have created. It never hurts to change your oil every 5,000km to 8,000km. We recommend visit us at Airdrie Tire Shop every 5,000km!


Flat tire? We got you! You need a TIRE REPAIR or new set of tires.

Feeling the vibration in the steering wheel? You need TIRE BALANCING. We can help you.

Do you want to get an extended life on your tires? Let's do a TIRE ROTATION.

And getting ready for summer or winter? Let's CHANGE YOUR TIRES.

​​​Tip: Everyday drive can wear on tires, contribute to imbalance and safety. Be sure to check on your tires every time you drive. And Airdrie Tire Shop is a phone call away to help you maintain your vehicle running smoothly.


Let's Drive safely, NEW or USED TIRES for winter or summer we have it! Give us a call.

Need some cool wheels or budget-friendly wheels? Airdrie Tire Shop can help you.

Tip: Consider buying tires or wheels? Call the experts, Airdrie Tire Shop. We will give you the competitive and reasonable prices

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